Being a cab driver in New York City can lead to a lot of interesting stories. While those stories typically can’t be told in polite company or near any young kiddos, this one is safe for all. And it’s totally amazing.

While driving down Park Avenue at the end of his shift, this cabbie decided to take on a passenger, despite their destination ending much farther away than he’d like to be at the end of his shift. „‚Cause hey,“ he later told  Humans of New York, „I have a conscious.“ As they made their way uptown, the driver started to realize he recognized the voice chatting away with him from the backseat. 

At the next traffic light, the driver took the opportunity to turn around and screamed „WILLLLSON!“ Luckily, his passenger was none other than the Cast Away actor himself, Tom Hanks. Also known as: the nicest man in the world. Hanks laughed hard, and took the whole thing in his famously friendly stride.


Post by Humans of New York.

Hanks not only agreed to pose for the selfie with the man but, as the post explains, he later invited the cabbie to a viewing of his play. He even greeted him backstage. The driver is now going by „Mr. Ferrari,“ the nickname affectionately bestowed on him by Hanks after the actor noticed his Ferrari hat.

The viral fame hasn’t gone to Mr. Ferrari’s head. When speaking with Humans of New York, he gushed, „And you wanna know the craziest thing? The name of his show was ‚Lucky Guy.‘ How crazy is that? Cause that was me. A lucky guy!“

 Post by Mr.Ferrarii.

You can follow along on Mr. Ferrari’s adventures on his new Facebook page. You never know who might hop into his cab next!

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