Dissing rapper Pitbull as a purveyor of party music rather than message music was a good first step at establishing his hip-hop credentials, but is quoting Jay-Z a step too far? Sen. Marco Rubio likes message rappers, but Jay-Z’s message in 2012 was loud and clear: vote Obama.

Are we reading too much into Rubio’s tweet? Probably. But now that iPod playlists are fair game for fact-checking in campaigns, expect to hear more from both sides of the aisle.

Yes folks @marcorubio just tweeted a verse from Jay-Z, #GOP is trying #tcot

— Bobby Broadway (@BobbyBroad) November 25, 2012

@bobbybroad @marcorubio We’re allowed.

— Mary Mladinich-Spain (@maryk2345) November 25, 2012

@maryk2345 @marcorubio yes, but its still funny. BTW it would be funny if a Democrat said it as well

— Bobby Broadway (@BobbyBroad) November 25, 2012

You mean like when presidential candidate John Kerry said he was “fascinated by rap and hip hop“? That was funny.

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