Ladies, if you like your panties, you can keep them … as long as you don’t actually call them “panties.” Giving new meaning to “panty raid,” the self-parodying language cops have your undies in their crosshairs. Really:

The word ‘panties’ is awful. Can anything be done to get rid of it?

— The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) February 15, 2013

“Can this simultaneously too-sexualized and too-babyish nickname be retired?” asks The Atlantic.

With her panties in a full-blown twist, writer Sarah Fentem insists she’s not against “sexy words” like “lick” and “dildo” — it’s just that the word “panties” is “infantilizing” and borders on “degrading.” One of her friends suggests the terms “top undies” and “bottom undies” to replace “bra” and “panties.”

@lilmissrightie Your feminist friends have found their new outrage.…

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) February 16, 2013

That’s up there w/this… RT‏@johnekdahl Your feminist friends have found their new…

— LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) February 16, 2013

a recent post on @theatlantic is called “panties is a terrible word”. i stood by you during having-it-all-gate, but that’s it. i’m done.

— Stefanie Kim (@stefaniesays) February 15, 2013

Word Police, get a life. Please…… #IsThisRealLife? Or #Parody?

— Amanda Read (@SincerelyAmanda) February 16, 2013

Apparently liberal women dislike the word “panties” which means I probably need to find ways to use it more often

— Dr. Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) February 16, 2013

Fentem isn’t alone. She cites writers at HuffPo and Cracked who share her “disgust.”

Yes, the word “disgust” is used. Hilariously, the panty-police movement has some support on Twitter.

I HATE the word panties like NO

— TwoTrayssssss (@Matray_) February 16, 2013

I also abhor the word “panties”.

— JanusJanis (@yogadominatrix) February 16, 2013

#SomethingIHate the word “panties”

— kylie shay.✞ (@kylieshayy) February 16, 2013

I hate the word panties 🙉🙉

— Kristaa (@TheMissPriss_) February 15, 2013

I hate absolutely fuckin hate the word “panties”. 😣

— Cierra Reed ✌ (@CiiReed15) February 15, 2013

The word “panties” makes me cringe.

— Ash hole (@AshleyRayerr) February 15, 2013

If you say the word “panties” then I will walk away.

— Nun_Lookin_For_Fun(; (@Catmannnn) February 16, 2013


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