1. 1. Tailgating.

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If I lightly brush the back of his car with the front of mine, he’ll definitely understand that I am in a rush and act accordingly.

2. But the person you’re tailgating is thinking..

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3. 2. What you’re thinking when dangerously weaving through traffic.


4. And what you should attach to your bumper.

Now people will surely want to avoid causing two accidents…

5. 3. Repeatedly honking your horn for any reason besides preventing IMMINENT DOOM.

This will definitely show him what he’s doing wrong. Or maybe just perforate his eardrums.

6. And all they want to do is…

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7. 4. “Forgetting” to use turn signals.

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8. Which leads many people to assume..

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9. 5. Waiting until the last second to merge.

Seriously, everybody knows you’re doing it on purpose.

10. 6. Disregarding cyclists on the road.

But they were CLEARLY in a “No-Cycle” zone! The only course of action was to clip them with my side view mirror.

11. To be fair, most cyclists also disregard motorists.

12. 7. Texting and Driving

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13. Which leads to the most appropriate response by the person you hit.

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14. 8. Not making sure to check your blind spot

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15. 9. Trying to avoid traffic by driving on the shoulder.

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We’re all wishing this happens to people who do this.

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16. 10. Driving well below the speed limit

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It’s statistically more dangerous to drive below the speed limit, so pick up the pace!

17. So for those of you just beginning to drive, understand why your parents take certain precautions.

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18. And for those seasoned drivers, understand why your passengers will have permanent WTF face when you’re behind the wheel.

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